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It all started with one mission.

Ever since it first opened its doors in 2009,   Stylist has been an advocate for women who are defining a very modern take on life.

Now Stylist has grown an vast audience of the country’s most influential women, early adopters who are time-poor but thought-rich, seeking the best out of life, as they search for purpose, meaning and connectivity. Since our very first issue we've reported on and translated the wants, needs and aspirations of women, becoming renowned for "reading the room" for women 25-45. 

As a trusted and much-loved brand, brands regularly come to us for advice and help to build their own connections with the Stylist woman, seeking our insight and expertise on this very distinct audience.

Now through Think Stylist companies and brands can access our unrivalled expertise on Gen Z and Millennial women and the cultural forces shaping their lives, to understand not only what’s happening now but get ahead of what's next to prepare for the future.

With our experienced team and unique business intelligence, we help clients understand more than just the “what”, providing a clear, in-depth understanding of the “why” as we tap into the mindset of modern women. 

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