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Helping businesses
tap into the mindset
of modern women


Think Stylist is an insight consultancy that gives modern women a voice and channels it   to inform and inspire other businesses.

Powered by Stylist – the UK’s leading media brand for millennial and Gen Z women – the brands we work with gain access to our unprecedented understanding of modern women as they evolve through their 20s, 30s and 40s.


Our services

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Want to engage Millennial and Gen Z women?

We can upskill your business on their thoughts, attitudes and wants through our trend reports, interactive immersion workshops and landmark white papers.

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Have a specific question or business problem?


Our bespoke insight studies will equip you with  clear understanding of the audience and actionable insights to inform strategic business and brand decisions.

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Want to get ahead?

Our always-on connection to our network of more than

5 million women allows us to spot what's coming and help brands prepare for the future. 

Our work

Think Stylist case study




Our landmark white paper reveals the wants, needs and attitudes of today's 30 woman as she reaches the milestone age against the backdrop of a world in permacrisis.


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